Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hit Me With Me Your Worst Shot

“Oxford compiles list of top ten irritating phrases.” -- Oxford University

I received the link to this story yesterday. I found it interesting and wanted to share the list with my readers. Maybe this urge came from the number of stories I reviewed this week that were rife with cliches. An editor made me pay more attention to these in my own writing. He rejected one of my early stories because it began with a cliche and the rest of the story wasn’t strong enough to overcome the amateurish start. I’ve paid more attention to my use of cliches in early drafts since then and deleted all I found.

The List

Here's the Oxford list. The article explains how the phrases were chosen.

At the end of the day
Fairly unique
I personally
At this moment in time
With all due respect
It's a nightmare
Shouldn't of
It's not rocket science

What Phrase Irks You?

My number eleven is “back in the day.” I'd like to learn what phrases turn you off. Please use the comment section to add your phrase to the list.

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