Monday, February 9, 2009

All I'm Asking For is a Little Respect

“Be respectful of your story and your characters. Make them unique. Make them real and true.” -- Alison Kent in R-E-S-P-T Redux on the Genreality
I plan to submit the story I’m working on to a competition this week. I wonder now about the husband and wife protagonists. In my mind, they’re real; and their actions and dialog are true to their characters. I can’t say they’re unique. They’re a typical older couple. They led an ordinary life and did everything right to prepare themselves for retirement. Yet, they still end up losing their life savings. This is true of many retirees in the current economy. So do I need to go back and provide them with unique qualities that make them stand out, or do I leave them as they are? The story lacks something. Either the couple needs to be different in some way, or their story does. I should mention this is a modern retelling of Hansel and Gretl. In making my story unique, I don’t want to stray too far from the original. Is the fact this is a retelling sufficient? I still have many questions about the story, but I’ve got time to figure things out. The contest deadline is Sunday.

[Post title provide by Ms. Aretha Franklin.]

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