Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking the Rules

“When I’m writing fiction, there are often a lot of things for me to try to get right at once, and rules help me to stay organized. But my favorite rule of all is that, ultimately, there are no rules.” -- Bruce Holland Rogers in Less Than the Rules Demand: Getting By On Attitude as posted on Flash Fiction Online.
Here's another interesting quote from this article. I don't feel comfortable yet breaking the rules when I write. Oh, I've tried on occasion, but with little success. It's like anything else. I can break the rules and get away with it if I fully understand the rules to begin with. (Like ending a sentence with “with,” but that doesn't count, since it's not a rule anymore).

I broke the rules when I was a teacher. My students didn't suffer, well, except for having to put of with my eccentricities. For me, it wasn't all about learning. I wanted it to be fun, too. I felt I could get away with breaking the rules, because I'd taught for a number of years and understood their purpose. Maybe I'll get to that point in my writing someday.

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