Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to Tell a Lie and Get Away With It

Good fiction is, by definition, credible - a lie that is easily believed. -- Sarah Todd in Creating a Character for a Horror Story.

This is the fun part of writing. I get to sit at my desk and lie, lie, lie -- except when I’m posting to my blog, of course. :) I enjoy taking a story idea and watching it grow into something that’s unreal and real at the same time. It’s fun to see if I can make the reader believe in a place or an event that can’t be, but is. It's not easy. If I jump into a weird scene without planting a seed of believability beforehand, I’ll fail -- and have. I think my newest published story, “A Deadly Silence,” falls into this category. What do you think? Could this really happen to poor Thelma?

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