Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creating an Emotional Experience

“Writing fiction is about giving your reader a powerful emotional experience.” -- in Advanced Fiction Writing: What Are You Reading.
I remember receiving a critique from a woman who told me my story had made her cry. At first, I felt bad, but then realized bringing someone to tears was a good thing. My story had created an emotional experience for this reader. Earlier this week, I received a critique in which the person told me the story gave him a good laugh. Hmm … I thought of it as a serious piece. When I read his comments, I thought maybe he'd been drinking, or was on the verge of a breakdown, but decided it was okay if he found the story humorous. At least he found it interesting enough to read to the end; and my writing had evoked an emotion in him, just not the one I expected.


Loren Christie said...

Jim, Thank you very much for the time you took today reading and writing suggestions for my first try at flash fiction! I'm going to work on it again tomorrow using your feedback. Your help and thoughtful comment gives me a great amount direction in improving the story. If you were a super hero, helping writers everywhere get a clue,your name would be "Flash Harrington." Yes, I'm serious. :)

Jim Harrington said...

Thanks, and you're welcome, Loren.