Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Does Your Writing Grow?

“To grow as a writer, to develop your storytelling abilities, you need to study and put forth most of your creative effort in examining the vital components of a story: character, desire, motivation, conflict, obstacles, resolution, etc. By taking the time to understand what these components are and how to develop them for your story, you will be surprised at how deep, how complex, and how real your book will feel to you...and to your reader.” -- Chick Lit Gurrl in Where Is Your Creative Effort?
I wrote superficial stories when I started out. It was when I realized this that I began to improve as a writer. It also was when I got the idea for this blog. I spent time reading about writing, but put forth little effort analyzing what I'd read. (I'm still not as good at this as I should be.) It was the same in my writing. I wrote about the characters from my point of view, not theirs. I didn't understand them fully, thus didn't know their true story. Without this knowledge, my stories lacked something. The people critiquing my tales often pointed me in the correct direction. I thank them for that.

I'm still lazy when it comes to creating in-depth character descriptions. I write first drafts with limited knowledge about the main character. But by the end of the writing process, I know enough about the person to make the story real, I hope.

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