Friday, June 5, 2009

My story: In God We Trust

This story appears in the June issue of Static Movement --


nerdski said...

I liked the story.

From the opening paragraph, I hadn't expected the detective to be a woman but it was a pleasant part of the story.

The ending tie in with the title was my favorite part, even though I was guessing it was one of the partners from the beginning.

Loren Christie said...

That story was great Jim! I enjoyed the description. The dialogue was interesting and realistic.
One question for you- I noticed that every magazine/e-zine has different format requirements. Spacing and indentation really varies. It gets so frustrating having to re-format a submission for different publications. Why is this? Have you addressed format in your blog? I'm going to go through your archives next week in case you have and I missed it. -Loren

Jim Harrington said...

No, I haven't posted anything on formatting stories for submission for exactly the reason you point out. It varies depending on the likes of the editor. Yes, it's a pain, but worth it if a story is accepted.

One thing I do when faced with reformatting a story is to create a new paragraph style containing the required indents, spacing, etc. and apply it to the whole story.

Marie2003 said...

Great story. Painful. Am impressed with how much we know about these people by the end of the story. No heros, no villians, just people making some serious life mistakes.

Am going to print it off to read again later.


Jim Harrington said...

Thank, Marie. Glad you liked the story.