Friday, June 19, 2009

Web site: Defining Artless Fiction

Defining Artless Fiction: 24 Basic Differences Between Literary & Mainstream/Genre Writing
As the title states, this article attempts to show the differences between literary and genre fiction by providing two checklists containing “the key elements of literary vs mainstream fiction” in the author’s viewpoint. Below are some examples.

Literary fiction ...
  • contains complex thematic intents or ideas
  • relies on form vs plot
  • confronts characters with internal, often moral, conflicts that will permanently affect them
Mainstream/genre ...
  • generates entertainment for the reader by allowing them to escape life’s trivialities
  • casts the world and humanity in predictable terms of good and evil
  • employs and active plot-driven structure
Do you feel the author captures the differences between the two forms accurately, or are you still confused?

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