Thursday, July 16, 2009

Every Character is Somebody

“… every character that inhabits your story should have a goal. The character’s goal is often what defines both attitude and emotion.” -- Robert Gregory Browne in “Creating Characters that Jump off the Page.”
I haven’t considered this until now, but it’s true. The waitress who appears once in chapter four has her own goals that may affect the main character. If she believes the MC has the ability to get her out of the rut she’s in, she will be more than willing to provide him information, even if that information is untrue. On the other hand, if the MC is looking for her boyfriend and she feels this might lead to bad things happening to the boyfriend, she may refuse to say anything, or lie to lead the MC in the wrong direction. Yes, every character has wants and desires, and it’s up to the author to realize this and determine how the character will act in a given scene to advance her personal agenda.

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