Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Ease Into Your Story

“A common mistake of beginning writers including myself is to ease into a story as if we were stepping into a cold swimming pool.” -- Cynthia in Quick Tip: Start a Page Later.
I’ve posted a few quotes on this blog about where to begin a story. Still, this is a problem for me. What’s different now is that I don’t obsess over the beginning until I’ve written a first draft of a story. It makes sense to do this. To paraphrase last Thursday’s quote, I often don’t know what the real story I’m writing is until I’ve written it. And once I understand how the story ends, it’s easier to decide where it needs to begin. This can be true with novels also. I remember reading a blog post (I think in the Literary Lab) where the author realized after reaching the end of his first draft that the story started in the wrong place.

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