Friday, October 9, 2009

Web site: Dealing with Rejection

Web site: Dealing with Rejection
I received a rather scathing e-mail from an author whose story I rejected. I came across this site while looking through my bookmarks for a post for today and felt it appropriate to my state of mind. Here’s one paragraph from the article.
Publishers not taking your work are simply publishers not taking your work. It may be and often is because your work is not yet good enough, but it may be because your piece is too long, too short, too good, too tough, not tough enough, too similar to a recent story, not similar enough to the publisher's typical story, too sexy (or not sexy enough) too fantastic (or too realistic). There are many, many reasons (and excuses) for a publisher not taking your work, which is why you must write, write, write, submit, submit, submit.
My most recent acceptance came from the eighth editor to read the story. Rejection is part of being a writer and something we have to get used to dealing with if we want to survive as an author.

How do you deal with rejection?

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Koala Bear Writer said...

A few minutes after my first writing rejection, I found myself storming around the house putting things away with more force than necessary. :) I soon realized what I was doing and settled down, but advice like what you've posted here in a big help. Keep submitting. Don't take it personally. Somewhere, that story or article will find a great home.