Friday, October 16, 2009

Website: Muse Online Conference

Website: Muse Online Conference
I’m participating in the Muse Online Conference this week. I haven’t counted the number of workshop sessions and chats there are, or how much information is being presented. More than I can absorb in a week. There are some talented presenters -- published authors, editors, educators, and publishers’ reps -- providing lessons on writing. The topics include: maintaining point of view, adding suspense to your writing, a dialog workshop, writing power sentences, how to be a professional amateur, freelancing, book promotion, and many, many more. Participants can submit sections of their works online and receive critiques. In one case, up to the first 500 words of a novel may be posted for the instructor to provide suggestions for pumping up the prose to make it standout. The workshops are online 24/7, so participants from around the world (over 800 this year) can read the materials at their convenience.

This year’s conference opened with pitch sessions with agents from a number of book publishers. Not sure how to pitch your book? There was a session on that too. What’s most amazing is that it’s FREE!

It’s too late to participate in this year’s conference, but if you consider yourself to be a serious author, you should put a reminder on your calendar to check out the site next August to get details on the 2010 conference. It’s not only educational, it’s a great way to promote yourself and your writing.

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