Friday, November 20, 2009

Character Drives Plot

“Indeed, I don’t write as much to produce plot or illuminate concept as I write in order to follow the stories of certain characters who interest me deeply.” -- Kate Elliot in The Role of Character.

Most of my stories are about a character and what happens to change the person. I don't create a character to match a plot. I've tried this and found the stories to be less than satisfying. I start with the character and see where the person leads me. Sometimes I believe I know how a story will end when I start the first paragraph. I'm right about half the time -- maybe.

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Tarl Kudrick said...

I've gotten my best results by coming up with the plot first, then asking myself, "What is the most interesting kind of character I can think of to get involved in this mess?"

To me, it's an interaction between character and plot that produces the best stories.