Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Em dash vs Ellipsis

“Interruption can add needed conflict to a scene; many authors have an intuitive sense of this. Your character is in a cozy restaurant booth with her beloved, wrapped up in the moment, leaning forward to hear words he can only manage to whisper. Tension is building toward that question that will change her life forever—” -- Kathryn Craft in "Dialogue Interruptus."
I receive many submissions where the author misuses the em dash (—) and/or ellipsis (. . .). In her post at the Blood Red Pencil, Ms. Craft explains when each should be used and provides good advice on how and when to interrupt dialog to increase tension. Instead of rewriting her thoughts, I’ll send you over there to read them for yourself.

Click here.


Alyssa Ast said...

It is funny you posted this today because I was just reading a chapter in a grammar book last night about it. Thank you for the helpful link.

Jim Harrington said...

Ha. You know what they say about great minds . . .