Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Out of the Way

“You gotta float with the boat.” -- Me :)
My wife was reading some posts on my Six Questions For . . . blog the other day and commented that she was confused by something. I’d changed the questions, and she wondered why. That’s when I made this comment. Later, I realized it was appropriate advice for writers, too.

Sometimes I get stuck on a story simply because I become stubborn about an event, a phrase, or a resolution that other writers don’t think works. I fall in love with whatever it is and won’t let go. Most often, I finally relent and try something else—and of course, the story is better for it.

So if you’re stuck and can’t move forward in what you’re working on, feel free to “float with the boat,” and get out of the way of the story, or scene, or whatever. You’ll be glad you do.

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