Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On Beginnings

“Without a powerful beginning, readers don’t have the patience to continue several pages or chapters to find what the book is about.” -- Lea Schizas in What’s Your Hook.

I received a set of responses this morning for my Six Questions For . . . project. One sentence stuck out for me. The editor commented that the first sentence in a story is the most important sentence the author will write. That’s so true. I agonize over my first sentences during rewrites. I know if I don’t capture readers at the beginning there’s little chance they’ll read all the way to the end. But the author’s work doesn’t stop there. I read many stories that I don’t finish. Why? They get bogged down in details that seem unimportant, and I lose interest. Writing a kick-ass beginning is only the first skirmish in the battle between author and reader.

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Koreen said...

Too true. Beginnings are so important. Do you have a favorite story start?