Friday, January 22, 2010

Plot is . . .

“Fiction is the art form of human yearning, no matter how long or short the work of fiction. [text omitted] “Plot, in fact, is yearning challenged and thwarted.” -- Robert Olen Butler in “A Short Short Theory” [Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, 2009]
Plot is yearning challenged and thwarted. How simple is that? This is something I need to work on in my stories. I get the yearning part in, but I don't always challenge and thwart enough. I make it too easy for my protagonist to resolve the issue presented in the story. Is this being lazy? Or perhaps I don't spend enough time with my stories. Of course, my last few pieces have been under 500 words. It's difficult to challenge and thwart that many times in such a short tale. :)

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