Friday, February 19, 2010

The Muse Online Writers Conference

“Our Online Writers Conference is aimed to offer you, the writer, whatever resource we can to give you the opportunity to enhance and improve your craft, to offer the opportunity to make contacts to reach that next level all writers seek - publication!” -- from The Muse Online Writers Conference website.
Dates: October 11-17, 2010

This is the last time I’ll mention this conference—maybe. :) This is an amazing event for a number of reasons. It’s online and available to anyone from anywhere. The presenters are all experienced writers, publishers, and agents. And it’s FREE.

There are three “sections” to the conference:

Workshops -- These are open 24x7 and offer excellent advice and instruction on writing. Here’s a sample list.

    •    An Introduction to Social Media: Exploring Your Online Marketing Options
    •    Characters You Love to Hate: Creating Villainous Villains for Kids and Teens
    •    English Refresher 101
    •    Fine Tuning Your Senses
    •    Freelance Writing: It’s a Business, Stupid
    •    Scare the Crap out of Them
    •    Flash Fiction: What is it? How do I write it? Why should I bother? (taught by yours truly :))

Chat Workshops -- These real-time Q&As offer further educational sessions and the opportunity to ask various agents and publishers questions about the publishing process. Examples are:

    •    Essential Marketing Materials for Book Promotion
    •    Meet Rachelle Gardner -- Literary Agent
    •    Meet Rida Allen - Publisher Draumr Publishing
    •    Plot Your Novel in 15 Minutes or Less! 

Pitch Sessions -- Pitch your book (or short story) to an agent or publisher. Each session lasts seven minutes and is one-on-one. Participants must submit a 150-200 word pitch prior to the start of the conference and a list of the publishers/agents they wish to pitch to. The list of available publishers/agents appears on the website with links to their guidelines. It is the responsibility of the authors to select an appropriate company for each pitch session (don’t ask to pitch a romance book to a publisher of young adult fiction -- It happens!) Sample questions from previous years' sessions are provided in advance to assist the author in preparing for their pitch. A partial list of current participants includes:

    •    4RV Publishing
    •    Donald Mass Literary Agency
    •    Eternal Press
    •    Inkspotter Press
    •    MacGregor Literary Agency
    •    White Rose Publishing

New workshops and pitch sessions are being added on a regular basis.

The registration deadline is August 15, 2010. (There is a late fee for anyone registering after this date.) If you would like to be a presenter, the deadline is March 31, 2010. By registering, you will receive updates as they become available.


Lost Wanderer said...

This sounds amazing. Though my cynical self is asking, why is it free? Especially considering the partial list of participants I saw.

But in any case, I am glad you posted about it, and I am sure looking forward to signing up.

Jim Harrington said...

It's fair to be skeptical of something that's free. The conference moderator simply wants to help writers in any way she can. And since, it's free, you can attend one or two sessions to try it for yourself without wasting any money (like I did recently on a fiction course that cost me $150 and wasn't worth 150 pennies).

Vivian Zabel said...

I hope people do try the conference. I did, and I'm glad I did. I'm going back for my fourth year and am participating.

Lost Wanderer said...


Thanks for putting up the link. I read through the details and does sound great, especially because I recognize quite a few names, including yours of course.

So I have signed up, and even used my holidays from work so I can devote all my attention. :-)