Monday, March 8, 2010

Make Them Feel Like They're Not Reading

“It's your job to propel the reader through your story without having them feel they are wading through your writing. In fact, your ultimate aim is somehow make the reader feel they're not actually reading at all.” -- Rob Parnell in Writing--QED [posted at Mike’s Writing Workshop & Newsletter].

Make the reader feel like they’re not reading. That statement grabbed my attention. After giving it some thought, I realize that’s what happens when I’m captivated by a story I’m reading. I don’t think of it as a group of words formed into a plot, with character development and all the other stuff that makes up a story. I simply let the prose take my on a ride. I wonder if the folks who read my stories get into that mind set. I like to think they do.

On a different topic, I mentioned on Friday about not finishing the stories I’ve started. Well, I completed three last week and submitted them for publication--all to paying markets. Now it’s time to play “wait and see.” Sometimes that’s the hard part--waiting to find out if the editorial staff likes what I send. Many guidelines state the best way to know what the editors like is to read the stories they’ve published. I read the stories and often still don’t have a clue. :) I am expecting one story to be rejected. The voice may not be right for the magazine I subbed it to. I sent it anyway. Hey, they may screw up and accept it. ;)

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