Monday, March 1, 2010

Novel Writing Process

“The process of writing the novel is, in many aspects, the process of finding the characters. I just keep writing and rewriting and rewriting until the actions of the characters feel true to me and the language satisfies me.” -- Gabriel Packard in “Excavating for The Idea,” The Writer, March 2010.
 This process is the same for writing short stories. At least, it is for me. Even with those characters I feel I know well at the start of a project, I always learn something new about them (or from them) as the story unfolds. I like those little surprises when a character all of a sudden does something unexpected.

NOTE: If you write flash fiction, or have an interest in the format, be sure to check out today's post by Ramon Collins, Fiction Editor for Linnet's Wings at Six Questions For. . ..

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