Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Location, Location, Location

“So what I did was I went to a sports bar near where I lived, usually at 9 p. m. or so, and I brought my laptop. I told myself, ‘Dave, you have 2,000 words to write tonight, and until that happens, you’re not allowed to talk to any attractive women.’” -- Dave Dickerson in “Writing in Bars” [SER, April 2010]
Every writer needs goals. :)

Something else the author mentions is to change where you write if you’re stuck. I tend to block out what else is going on when I write--except when my wife is at her desk chomping on a caramel candy. I don’t know why that bothers me--so a sports bar might work; and I’m sure any number of story ideas would come to mind while watching and listening to those around me when not writing.

I tried writing in other places in my home (the family room with the TV off, the front porch, kitchen table, and patio), but that didn’t work. Something always happened, and I ended up back in my office.

I’m in my office now, sitting hunched over my MacBook, waiting for a grand idea to come to me. So far, that idea has avoided the room. Oh well, I have a few stories I need to finish and send out. They aren’t going to get published sitting in my needs-work tray. So my goal for this afternoon (Tuesday, actually) is to polish at least one story, research markets, and send it off to find a new home. Wish me luck.