Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keeping the Reader in Mind

“Even if you're an experienced writer, remember that your reader may not be. Keep your story moving forward and keep the time frames simple.” -- Allie Dresser at Six Questions For...
So how do writers discern the experience level of their readers? By reading, of course. Editors select stories based on what they feel their readers will enjoy (and the kind of story the editors like also). So, read stories and articles in the magazines you want to be published in. Read books from publishers you’d like to submit a manuscript to. Editors and publishers know the market they plan to address and have a feel for the likes and dislikes of the readers in that market. And it’s more than the kind of story that’s important to know. The style is also important. I'm wasting my time if I submit the wrong kind and style of story to a book publisher or magazine editor. Yes, I agree. Sometimes it's difficult to know exactly what that is, but that's no excuse for not researching a market

It should be obvious that it’s important for the writer to know a market before submitting something. It should be; but it’s not, going by the number of editors and publishers who have commented on my Six Questions For... blog about the necessity to read the writers' guidelines before sending them something.

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