Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Write What You Have To Write

“You’ve got to write the book you have to write, not a book you think will sell even if you don’t care about the idea and story. “ -- Bob Mayer in The One Sentence Idea.
A couple of my flash stories have been sitting around for a few months, and I’ll probably never finish them. Why? I wrote the stories based on writing prompts. In one case, the idea sounded good at the time; but the theme isn’t something I’m passionate about. I can’t get into the story and character enough to make it work. A second story is one I’m not sure I can write. I don’t have any experience in the problem the character is facing. I suppose I could find someone who does and talk to that person about her experience. I could, but I won’t. There are other stories I’m more interested in--and capable of--completing.

Are you stuck on your current WIP? Maybe the problem is the story line has led you to an idea you aren’t interested in. As I’ve found, forcing the story along doesn’t work. It may be that it’s time to back up and have the character go in a different direction at some point in the story. Perhaps this would work with my second story above, if I can figure out a different path. Hmm.

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